Friday, September 22, 2006

Oktober Fest

Yep. It's that time of year again. Time for tiny little potent tasters for $20 and drunken crazy people in Fremont. My favorite time of year. And the sun is supposed to poke it's head out of the clouds later today. I was just getting used to the rain!

I've been reading Kele's blog about her time at the OTC and found another camper Renee's blog as well. And the big news:.... they are making the women's team pursuit an Olympic event! Saweet!!!! And they're also bringing back the team sprint. Yeah!!!! More opportunity to shine and get your foot in the door at the Olympics. So that makes me wonder when the emphasis will be placed on women domestically to start churning out the power houses.

I was talking to Jennie Reed about the women's track scene in the US. It seems like it's either local racing or world cup. But what about all the steps in between? What happens if you're talented locally and want to go up regionally and nationally? Do you have to do it through the men's ranks? Unfortunately that's the battle I've been facing. The only time there's enough domesitc competition is at nationals. Where are these ladies during the track season? Most are roadies or can't get the financial support and backing to travel across country for the UCI sanctioned races. So what happens? We develop an enormous gap between skill levels. I wonder if that will change in the future. How can I help???

blah blah blah. It's Friday.

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