Tuesday, September 19, 2006

rrrrr rrrrr rrrrrain

So drizzle puts a slight damper on my planned workout session tonight. It's hard to simulate motor pacing on a track bike.... I'll have to get creative.

And last night I did some lifting - only to discover Stoney G's weights are all for upper body! I mean really, climbers don't have to work on their upper bodies. They should be stacking the weights up for some leg presses! Back to the drawing board to find some cheap gym without too many cheesers.

I sewed this killer fish head costume this past weekend. The same one, I must add, that Ryan and Ryan laughed at and said I was crazy for wanting to create such a childish thing. Well Sunday night after Ryan got back from climbing I showed him my fish head and he looked at me straight faced, "you have to make me one of those." If my pictures weren't such a pain in the butt to get up - I'd post one for you. (Sure I know, I keep saying it. But really - I have to go downstairs, boot up Ryan's computer... download the photos... ok I'm going.....)

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