Thursday, December 01, 2005

family visit

My brother, sister in law and nephew came up for an extended weekend visit. It sure is great having them around - yesterday I got to cuddle with Coleman for 2 hours straight. Apparently he has a hard time sitting still and his parents were both amazed and bewildered that he was chilling out for so long. I love that little guy so much!

Jaimie mentioned that Geo has been working a lot lately - and Coleman has been making comments like, 'daddy sleeping. daddy working,' etc etc. She thought it was time for him to take some time off from work and come and visit us Northerners - and my mom needs some extra loving due to Marcy leaving. It made me realize that sometimes we get so caught up in the routine that we often forget to do the little things that make us happy. And those little things that make us happy give you balance in what can easily become a lop-sided lifestyle.

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