Wednesday, December 28, 2005

christmas crisis

Ryan and I had a great time in Co with one little hickup... Christmas. We decided to take the day off from skiing so we would have fresh legs for the remainder of the trip. We ended up lounging around for the first part of the day and then took a walk up to the village for a cocktail. One turned into another, into another and next thing we knew we were walking home on our lips and started talking about religion. Bad idea. We ended up arguing really loudly... I took off to get some fresh air and when I came back he ended up calling my dad and asking him why he didn't call his daughter. He tried to make things right or at least initiate a conversation with him which ended up in a screaming match between him and Martha. Martha was in her cups as well, which didn't add to the situation - and she and Ryan started slinging mud back and forth. Well now I stood up for Ryan and told dad that I don't want to come down to Eugene to have a husband bashing session. Ugh. I am so sick of this. Basically at this point my dad refuses to accept Ryan and if I choose to stand by my man then that's all I can do. So really - my dad just excused himself, once again, from being a dad.

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