Friday, December 30, 2005


Think of the worse possible conditions you could ride in besides freezing weather - and that's what poured out of the skies today with a vengence. I may retract my statement of not riding the indoor trainer and rollers if I can't help it... because today really tested me. I thought maybe the rain might let up a little in the afternoon so I waited till 1 to take off. I headed north on the burke determined to do my hill intervals. I contemplated doing Hollywood hill and then Novelty, followed last by Juanita. I was pleasantly surprized by how long Hollywood was - you can almost fit in 20 minutes straight of climbing. The decent was wicked and cold - chilling my body temp off for the rest of the ride. Half way down Juanita hill I discovered my light was out of juice and so I headed for home. I have not bailed on a ride like this before - I seriously contemplated riding home in the dark and pouring rain with shitty visibility - but since I had a cell phone and was already over my 3 hour ride.... why not? I know, i was at mathews beach - only 30 minutes from home. But it was getting dark - FAST and I was so cold and wet. Ryan wasn't home but luckily I had a back up - my brother! He and Jaimie and Coleman are in town for New years and rescued me. What an awesome big bro.

Lessons learned: CHARGE YOUR LIGHTS!!! Wear warmer, more water proof clothing?

Positive things - I rocked up the tempo work out - and am getting stronger! Also - found a new route that has light traffic and a steady grade. Did a tough girl workout - putting in 3 hours and should hit 250 miles for the week. Saweet! Oh - and I ran into Katy. :)

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