Sunday, December 04, 2005


My nephew was in town this weekend "denny, denny denny" he calls me. He's only 2 and has a hard time ennuciating certain words. When he tries some things it just sounds hilarious. And then he flips out when he hears a vaccum. He runs up to it and insists on using it. He got ahold of mom's bissell at one point, took the nozzle off and started sucking his face with it. We were laughing pretty hard. We were having a lot of fun playing horsie until I laid on my back and he jumped on my head. I think I may have a concusion.

It has been snowing hard up in the mountains. Ryan convinced me to skip a 3+ hour ride in the rain and go hit the slopes at Alpental on Sat. Believe or not it was actually hard to get me to commit - but boy am I glad I did! 18" of powder! It was sick. First full day of the season and my legs still remember how to turn. We had a blast.

Then today I had to put in 3+ hours of ride time. I managed to do almost 4 hours. It was hard to stay warm. I'm pretty exhausted right now. Good training this weekend though - speaking of the weekend - where did it go?

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