Thursday, December 29, 2005

that's not fair - you have gears!

I heard a guy yell after me when I hauled past him on the Burke. Apparently the male gender doesn't take kindly to being passed by a woman - especially on a pink bike. But I had tempo work to fit in and was on my last effort and not too up for chatting while I was trying to keep my heartrate at a decent pace. With only 8 minutes left of my effort, Mr. Fixy was spinning uncontrollably in a 42x17 while I was cruising in a 53x14. Poor guy. When I finally let up a little and returned to my normal spin we chatted from Lake Forest Park to the U District. I chuckled to myself when he said he was about to say something about my slow cadence and pounding on the gears - "that's bad for your knees...." tempo riding is supposed to hurt and look akward. It's all about building the muscles. I think I gained some muscle mass while in Colorado - I'm tipping the scales a little heavier.... which only matters when I start climbing hills. And oh man, the hills are coming soon!

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