Tuesday, December 20, 2005

two flats, pouring rain and late for dinner!

Ah - riding the lake in the middle of winter. Of course that means one is guarenteed a flat or two and having a woman in a Mercedes in Bellevue tell you that you don't have a tail light. Thanks for that- I was actually headed to the bike shop when she tried to acost me. I am so thankful Alynda was there at Gregg's - she bailed me out. Big time. The mechanic took one look at my bike and asked if I ever washed it - to which I responded yeah. Do you ever ride in the rain? I just did the south end man! He still looked at poor pinky in disgust. I know, I know, I've been really bad about maintaining her lately - but I swear I'm taking her in tomorrow and will have her doctored up for some more hard winter training. These base miles wreck havic on my poor rear derailluer and chain. But spring and summer are coming - so please, please, please just hang in there for the winter and I promise easier days will come. Ok - does anyone else find it strange that I'm writing a blog to my bike?

Seriously though - I got two flats today on my lake navigation. It actually turned out ok - just a little glass and both in spots that were well lit so I could change it easily. I came home soaked to the bone and tubeless - one more flat and that should take care of it for quite some time. I'm making cookies to console myself.

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