Tuesday, November 29, 2005

logging the miles

So last night the weather man predicted snow for the SEattle metro area. Apparently the city's heat deflected most of the snowflakes - this morning I woke up to a damp road with no ice or snow. Those poor grade school students who were excited to have a snow day - the winter is young yet! It will probably come sooner or later.

Training wise - things are going well. Ryan and I went skiing on Sunday - although only a short jaunt. We did some skinning up the mountain and then skied the phat pow pow down the hill. Makiah went and had a blast. She is too cute.

Later today I head out for a 2 hour chilly ride. I'm supposed to put in 40 minutes of tempo riding - long and hard. I think I'll go down the south end - I'm not too excited about doing the bridge when it's this cold out. Come to think of it - maybe I'll just stick to the trail. We'll see.

I had a racing dream last night. I dreamt I was at the track riding my rollers in front of a large crowd. I was getting excited and ampted to do some Madison slings. Fun.

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