Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's a poor student that doesn't surpass the teacher

I think I'm partly exhausted from the phsyical effort itself this weekend and the other part is from mental exhaustion from learning so much. It's a good feeling to be this wrecked. My legs are hammered and so is my core. In the morning we practiced the Madison - a new skill for me on the track bike. It was scary at first but once we Ryan taught me how - it is super fun. And the faster the better. Great - another adrenaline addict move for this junky.

It was cold out today. The snow level is supposed to drop to 1000'. Brrrrrrrrr. That could have been another part to the exhaustion - burning that many more calories to stay warm. After we worked on the track for 1.5 hours we headed out for a road ride. I ended up doing an additional 2.5 hours. Wow - four hours on the bike today. I'm beat.

Last night we went out to the Hi-life in Ballard and then Madame K's for drinks with Josh, Stacy and Brent. Stacey and Brent bagged out early and the rest of us headed to Kells to meet up with Miller/Killer and some of his friends. We stayed until about midnight - it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow we're contemplating skiing.

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