Monday, November 21, 2005

Time in the saddle

This past week I put in close to 200 miles in the last 5 days. My toosh was a little sore - but I survived without extensive injury. :)
A recap of the week - Wednesday. Did a long night ride around the north end of the lake. Felt solid on the hills and it felt really good to be out. The moon was out - making it easy to see and be seen.
Thursday - Computrainer night. I also did some lifting in the morning. My body was tired when I went to pedal indoors and I ended up doing a light exercise. The legs felt heavy due to the previous night and not drinking enough water, coupled with lifting heavy weights.
Friday - skipped work. :) Went on almost a three hour ride to Mercer Island and home. We practiced hamstring sprints - which will essentially make my pedal stroke more fluid. Felt solid on the bike - although still a little tired from earlier in the week.
Saturday - did a mellow ride with Leif. We rode a flat ride out to West Seattle - mainly just spinning the legs out. It felt good to be outside and I ended up severely overdressing. Got home later that night and didn't feel like doing much else. ; 0 Except going out for sushi.
Sunday - late start. Headed out to North Bend to meet Ryan. My legs felt fantastic. Apparently I got enough sleep, hydration - not to mention sushi from the night before. It only took me 2:45 to get out there - not bad considering I did about 2500 feet of climbing over 42 miles. I got there at about 3 and hiked up the mountain to meet them at the crag. A nice way to loosen up the legs and round out the weekend.

Overall the legs are feeling stronger and stronger. The weight training has definitely helped my overall fitness and cutting out the sugar has made a huge difference. I've been sleeping quite a bit more than usual though - which I think is a result from the lack of sun and might be mild depression.... not sure what the dealio is on that one yo.

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