Wednesday, November 16, 2005

persistent cough

I'm finally coming to the realization that the wheeze I got from Burnaby has developed into a chest cold. It's starting to come out of the lungs though - and my coughs are getting a little more productive. Hopefully this illness will be gone soon. It doesn't help that I'm headed on a 40 miler after work today in the cold. But it seems like the past couple days when I don't have enough energy to exercise, as soon as I do I'm feeling even better.

On a side note - last night I went climbing with Ryan as a cross training exercise. The bouldering area is closed as they set new routes for this weekends bouldering competition so we climbed with ropes. I felt pretty strong but had no idea that later in the night I would be able to flash a 11a climb. That's some of the best climbing I've done indoors to date. It felt great.

My little sister leaves Sunday for Australia for a year. She met this guy over there last year about this time and fell in love. They've only been together in the flesh a little over a month. She's determined to get over there and see if it will work and spend some time with him. Good for her - but scary at the same time. I mean, she barely knows him. They've been developing a long distance relationship for a year via the Internet and phone calls. I'm curious what it will be like once they are around each other in the flesh for an extended period of time. I can't imagine being separated from Ryan like that. I wish her the best of luck.

Kaipo (my second cousin who lives on Oahu) ran away from home about 2 weeks ago. He's 14 years old and doesn't get along with Channing, his step dad. Kuulei is apparently a nervous wreck about the whole thing - and I hope that Kaipo gets things figured out quickly and back to school before too long. If there was something I could do I would do it in a heart beat.

Bope (my grandfather, dad's side) had difficulty breathing last week and decided to go get checked out at the hospital. Apparently the doctor discovered that he has congested heart failure and was put on medication. His feet are swollen and he's not feeling his normal self. I called him this morning and he said in all of his years of riding his bicycle he has not once felt this way. His doctor said he needs to decrease his salt intake - to which Mummer said she never cooks with salt and never has had to. However, once they took inventory of what they were eatting they discovered the Campbells soup and Ramen were really high in salt content. No more of that! Bope said how important it is to be active all your life and really do as many things outdoors as possible. He was proud of Ryan and I for being super active and said to keep it up. It's so important for a long healthy life. I just hope others in our family will realize this before their health starts failing.

Wow - I didn't realize how much family stuff is going on right now. I just hope everything works out - and it will. What will be will be.

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