Tuesday, November 08, 2005

living proof!

It's been 30 days since I last tasted a refined sugar morsel. I did it! All in the name of will power and determination. So what's next you say? Beer. Yep - the yeast and hops have got to be eliminated... or at least brought down in moderation. It's not that I've become a serious lush or anything - but I'm having one a night and those are empty calories and sugars that should be savored rather than consumed daily.

So coach - what's next? You said there's this excellerated plan for some of your athletes - but for some reason we have an impossible time connecting on the phone..... I'm getting a little eager to find out what that entails.

Turns out our planned trip to Beaver Creek over Presidents weekend has been foiled. We even bought the plan tickets! Come to find out the condo is booked the entire week and that time is even more popular than Christmas. So we're trying to find either another condo or somewhere else to go. Lame.

Yesterday was legs day - I put more pounds on than before. It felt good but I'm a little sore today.

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