Tuesday, March 15, 2005


T- 2 Hrs finishing w/ Tempo work 30-40m.
W- 2 Hrs w/ 4x30sec. leadout sprints, start from fast rolling start and attempt a sprint at the end of effort
T- 1-2 Hrs Easy
F- Rest Day, easy spin
S- Race
S- Race

M- 1-2Hrs Easy
T- 1-2Hrs Easy
W- 3Hrs endurance over rolling terrain
T-M Vacation
T- 2Hrs w/ speedwork, same as 1st wed's but include 2 powerstarts as well
W- 1 1/2-2Hrs w/ 3x12min. LT efforts

Remember, keep the bod feeling good during these workouts, you should feel like you are getting solid training from each workout, but you shouldn't feel like you are keeping residual soreness more than a day or so- we want you feeling fresh after your rest days, and ready to rock!

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