Sunday, March 13, 2005

5'10" Blues

Lame. I am not as tall as I once thought. All my life, I've been living a lie. I am shorter than I thought I once was. That's it, I'm measuring myself in the morning.

Ryan meaured with socks, 5'9". With heals, 5'10". And with porn pumps 5'11 1/2". I am soooo freaking bummed. That's it I'm wearing the porn pumps ALL the time. Ha!

The ride was nice today - a mellow spin with one sling shot. The achilles is about as sore as my legs - a recovery day should do the trick for the next effort.

1 comment:

Coach said...

bummer, dude. Keep drinking milk..

So, did the bike fit Jill w/ cycling shoes?