Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sweet Success

The best part about today was winning in front of my mom. She is a huge supporter and the reason I am here - mad props.

So it went well today. I was able to position myself for the ultimate attack at the end - eatting up the competition. It was a sweet win because it was so nasty out today. My team mates were near - closer than before. Melanie, Melinda and Rachel all finished between the cars, which is a great success for them. Bottom line - we executed the team strategy. And a win to boot!

My legs are tired. Today they added on an additional loop - and with an attack off the front by my lonesome - I did some pulling today. The achilles is feeling good - I was a little worried about the cold weather, but it managed to do just fine. I felt a little calf cramp coming on and immediately downed water - but I should probably drink more in the ride. I also need to learn how to eat while riding - and remember to do it.

"Eat when it's cold, drink when it's hot."

I'm taking the bike in tomorrow - just to have it looked over and make sure everything is in tip top shape. I would hate to have a mechanical from something that could have been prevented.

I am stoked. That was a challenging rainy race today - I think what prepared me was the ride on Wednesday. I am so thankful I don't ride a trainer indoors all the time.

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