Saturday, March 05, 2005

Anxiously waiting

I have mixed feelings about today. I missed the first race. I had an injured achilles. Today it felt better than it has in many, many days and it makes me wonder if I could have gotten away with racing on it today. It was nice being there for the team and in retrospect, I played it smart. The same race will happen next week - but I'm curious if my fitness will be good enough to compete. (And now the self-doubt rolls in...)

I am pretty down that I didn't get to be part of the action. I mean, I did my part. But I really wanted to pump the pistons and grind. Patience is a virtue. Tomorrow is a new day.

I went for a nice ride when I got home. I did almost get hit while on Alki - some guy pulled out right in front of me. I was traveling about 23-4 and slammed on the brakes to avoid collision. Close call.

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