Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's the rain bike

I know it is. I jumped on the trek this morning and was only able to ride 15 minutes before my achilles was screaming at me. The Kona didn't cause me any problems - and I've been putting all my miles on that bike up until today. It hasn't hurt like this - until I got on the Trek. I'm taking it with me for the bike fit and if they are unable to correct it - then I'm selling it. Know anyone looking for a rain bike?

I've learned my lesson. I am going to stay off the bike until I feel better. When I finally do get on the bike, I'm going to turn around as soon as I start to feel it. I am no longer concerned about losing my fitness - I only want to heal. Stupid Trek piece of shit.

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Coach said...


This is a good lesson in that as you become for fit you become more tuned to one position and your bikes must be set up to handle that. Don't get mad at the bike- it's only as good as it fits. Anyway, if you can't get the same contact point positions or you have different contact points then you are setting yourself up for problems. Also, beofer you make the changes take a look and see what's different between the positions- that should give you an idea what might be the fit problem. Let me know if you need anything OK