Friday, March 11, 2005

A tad sore

What a busy day. Woke up and went for a hour on the bike, then came home and had a 90 minute massage (the best one to date). Got to work a little late and immediately headed to Northgate to meet with our lenders. One of the properties we were acquirring had mold show up in an inspection report - not good. Time to play hardball. Got home and went for ride number 2 with 2x10min efforts. Felt strong - however, my achilles was a little tired from the past two days. Looking forward to the rest day today. Not even going to think about the bike.

Jill's potential Raleigh is so sexy. Holy cow that bike could win races by just looking at it. It has somewhat of the same geometry as my Kona. Something to consider for a race bike when the Kona is kaput.

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