Tuesday, March 29, 2005

back to it...

So the UCI World Track Championships lit a fire under my ass. That was super cool to experience - glad I got a chance to see it. Unfortunately the US preformed pretty poorly - Jennie Reed placed 6th in one event. GB achieved 4 gold medals and Aussies did the overall best with 9 medals. I get excited just thinking about racing - and seeing how far I can push myself toward my goal.

Meanwhile, back on the PNW front, Melinda, Roz and Katy raced the Snohomish course. Melinda did fairly well - in the top 15 or so. The thing to note though - is that Group Health was staring at the warmup tent and pointing at our team for people to watch out for. Apparently they went so far as to ask Roz where Rachel and I were for the race. Ha ha! I guess I am now a marked woman. That just adds more fuel to the fire.

So my friend, what's next?

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