Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Record highs

I went for a nice mellow ride today with Lin. We cruised down to Seward park and home. I can't believe this weather! It was soooo warm!

Training - what's next?

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Coach said...

OK Jen, looks like things are ready to go.

Tmorrow would be a good day to put some pressure to the pedals, to see how things feel , so

W- 2Hrs w/ 3x8min. High tempo on the flats
Th- If you can break this day up- do it and shoot for 2 1-1.5hr sessions with 2x10min tempo in the second set. If not, go for 2Hrs steady endurance w/ the last 20 min. progressing into increased high Tempo/LT
F- Take this day nice and easy, walk the bike. Or take it off