Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trusting your gut and intuition.

It is easy to recognize when you did or didn't follow your gut after the fact. But how often do you find yourself in the moment and hesitating on which direction to go? Do you find yourself in limbo to make a decision or do you just do it?

I find, for the most part, I just go for it. Hanging in limbo can be the hardest position. But if you're able to listen to your gut and instinct they are often way more powerful then we give them credit.

Racing is great because it gives you immediate feedback. If you hesitate, the moment is lost. If you make the wrong choice you immediately find out. If you make the right one, you can win. And sometimes, you can make the wrong choice but it plays out in your favor. There are so many scenarios and different factors that play into a race that it never gets boring, that's for certain.

One thing I know for certain, every time I trust my gut and intuition it results in unimaginable results.

Trust your gut and instincts.

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