Friday, June 10, 2011

Session Uno

Rain delay. Drats.

At least I got one race in - a super sprint to elimination. The officials wanted only 12 women in the miss and out final so they decided to take our field of 20 and whittle it down a little in two qualifiers, ten ladies each. The first portion of the race is run like an elimination - with only 3 riders being pulled and the second half is run like a scratch race, with one person from that race being eliminated. One lap to go and I hit out - putting a little daylight between myself and the rest of the ladies and sailed through uncontested. Might as well start the weekend off with a bang, right?

Then big fat rain drops started coming down - slowly at first. Teasing us - letting the men do a couple of "rickshaw" rounds (that one's for Tara - they're called repechage (sp?)) for the Keirin before having a ten minute rain delay and then calling the racing off, entirely.

Around 80 of us got to spend some serious time in the chamois - and you know what they say: "Chamois time is training time!" If that's the case then I'm ready for an iron man.

Early morning tomorrow - and a long session. I'm hitting the hay early....

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