Thursday, June 09, 2011

Step número UNO.

Step one.

Even with three hours left in my day before my airport ride arrives, I am in mad scramble to get everything together. It figures as traveling with two bikes and spandex to outfit a small army and keeping my baggage under the 50 pound allotment is a challenge in itself. But I write from the air so I managed to get it all in, somehow. And thankfully Frontiers bike fly free policy is legit, indeed.

Destination: Blaine, Minnesota.
Why: Fixed Gear Classic, version 2011.

Three days of track racing with an exhausting schedule. It's all about the law of diminishing returns. I entertained the thought of doing both the sprint and endurance omnium until glancing at the schedule again - no way, no how.

I am excited to be traveling again for racing in events longer than 4 minutes. I am thrilled at prospect of good competition, to express 100% of my ability and pushing my limits.

And an added bonus - reconnecting with the travel circus show of trackies. These are my peeps. Last time we were together was in la for nationals. It will be a whose who of national caliber racers and a check to see how well we've been doing our homework. And we are all staying in the dorms.

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