Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Chamois Test

I picked Cari up at the airport yesterday morning and she quickly assembled her bike so we could beat the rain for a mid-afternoon ride to stretch our legs. Our host housing (at casa de Riege) is centrally located to all of the racing - and less then 1/4 mile from Friday's Thienville crit. It is also a stone's throw from a fantastic bike trail that runs north to south.

As we were riding, we passed a female rider going the other way. She waved and was super friendly and Cari and I both wondered if we knew her? Nope. Cari was in her Peanut Butter & Co. kit, and I was masked in my HB shorts and Marymoor track jacket as the temps were a little on the cool side.

We continue on our ride - turning around after 50 minutes or so. I threw in a couple of efforts to wake my system up and circled back to rejoin Cari. As I was finishing my last effort, I cross paths with the same female rider and say hello. She completely ignores me. Doesn't wave, doesn't say hello, nothing. I turn around, to rejoin Cari and watch as the girl gives Cari a wave with both hands.

How do you say.... chamois sniffer?

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