Thursday, June 02, 2011

Down for the count!

I crashed myself out yesterday.

The roads were slick from rain and a car was coming down the street. I tapped the brakes a little too hard and it sent my bike out from beneath me. I remember thinking, "crap! not my collar bone!" and instead landed hard and fast on my wrists and right side of my body.

I was 1/4 block away from home.

The car that was coming down the hill didn't stop. Thank goodness. They would have seen a girl, pissed off and cursing herself for having slick tires on. A quick body check - bones, ok. Wrists - a little battered but ok. Bike - ok. I contemplated going back in but I still had a training ride to do so back on the bike I went! No rest for the weary.

Fremont bridge went up so I got to check out my throbbing right arm - to reveal a nice little gash. But no chin dive or head ache - so on toward Magnolia hill repeats I went!

Thankfully intervals do wonders for concentrating the pain into the legs and lungs. By the time I got home though I felt like sucking my thumb and calling my mommy. Um, OUCH! Crashing is not recommended.

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