Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lining things up

As I prepare to leave town for the month of June, I've been tending to the little details. Setting yourself up for success while on the road, at least for me, has been planning and organizing gear down to the smallest detail. This sport requires a lot of gear and with airport luggage fees not what they used to be - you have to pack light.

Thankfully I had some serious practice this past winter traveling overseas and am packing the same amount of clothing and gear as I did for 3:45 minutes of racing as I will for 3+ weeks on the road. Sad, but true.

With the biggest chore being removing my seat post out of my Felt bike complete, the rest is a cake walk. I've managed to pack 2 bikes in under an hour and am using a suitcase that holds me rollers - fully assembled. I've found that to pack as light as possible lists help a lot and once you've pulled out everything you're taking with you, cut that in half.

Really what more do you need then 2 bikes, 4 wheels, helmet, shoes, computer, iPad, iPod, iNano, iShuffle, enough Nuun and Gu's to sink a ship, jerseys, shorts, business time socks, gloves, knee and arm warmers, pillow, track sack, rollers, chain whip, tubes, patch kit, water bottles, kitchen sink, towel, rubber mallet, pedal wrench, hair dryer, etc.?

With a little more down time (is that possible?) - I should have lots of time to report on my whereabouts and racing.

Next up: Blaine, MN for the Fixed Gear Classic.

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