Monday, June 13, 2011

And that's a wrap.

My feet are up, track bike shipped, road bike packed and I'm relaxing this morning before heading to the next stop on my mid-West tour: Milwaukee.

It's quiet, finally, here at the dorms. Most everyone has departed - with a few of us left waiting on afternoon and evening flights. I hope to catch a few more zzz's....

But first: a race recap!

The endurance ladies only had two more events in our omnium - a 12 lap tempo and Madison. I did a proper warm up for the tempo - making sure to get into a lung throbbing effort on the track before racing as that may have been my demise in the miss and out the previous morning. We had a little over an hour before the gun went off for our race so I relaxed on the infield and kept the legs rolling every 15 minutes. I geared up - as the tempo is probably the most brutal race. For those unfamiliar, a tempo awards 2 points to the first person across the line, 1 point to the second person per lap. The person with the highest accumulated points wins, with the last sprint being the tie breaker.

What ends up happening is pretty much a sprint from start to finish, with no recovery between efforts. If you let up at all - points slip right out of grasp and leave you gasping for air. So you might as well get points, gasp and push yourself to the limit since it's such a short race. I haven't been that close to puking after a race in a long, long time. Val won, Megan second and I was third. It was a close race and super fun.

We had some down time between the tempo and Madison, so I ate some food, and geared back down. Four teams were signed up for the first ever Women's Madison held at the National Sports Center - and it is really cool to be a part of history! Oh, and my teammate Val and I lapped the field, twice. Winning is fun.

The award ceremony was great - with Megan winning the overall Endurance title, Val second and myself third. Not bad for a girl who hasn't been on the track since December.

The next time I get to ride my track bike will be in San Jose for the Tessarosa Velodrome Challenge, July 1-2. Should be fun! But for now - I'm all about ten days of crits and win some chocolate milk.

Facebook has a ton of photos... check em out!

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