Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mega Session #2

Last nights rain out meant today was packed with 10.5 hours of racing, straight. Wait, I take that back. We had a 45 minute break. My legs are feeling it. Thankfully their steady throb is becoming a dull ache as I wind down for the night. Jesus Fest 2011 is still rocking next door though - pulsating through the windows and walls of the dorms. I hate to say it, but don't they have a noise ordinance at 10pm or something?

Today's racing was good. Some new lessons learned. Ready? Here we go.

Lesson #1 - Keep your thoughts to yourself. Miss and Out - whittled down to a small handful of us left. I'd been drilling it at the front in the pull lane, on Megan's left hip. I'm getting a little tired. A girl comes up and over the top, boxing me in. They're pulling riders every two laps. Tired from the effort and not ready for a big effort of backing out and going back over, I'm doing battle with Shelby "Scrappy" Reynolds. We both bike throw - she willing to get a little closer to Shelley's pedal and I get pulled. My immediate response, which I told her: "Shelby, you're such a scrappy bitch!"

Her response, "I know!"

Lesson #2 - Spell check twitter updates. Well, this one wasn't a lesson I had to learn. But rather Shelby - she tweets "@jtothetriplett Shelby your such a scrappy butch!"

Lesson #3 - This one hurts. I had the points race in the bag. That is no exaggeration. I'd managed to win 3 of 6 sprints, and lap the field with Megan. All I had to do was mark her wheel, nothing else. Instead, I'm struggling with my recovery and off goes Megan. In a well timed move, she laps the field, again. FUDGE. Even with her additional lap, I lost by a mere 6 points. 46 to 40. That one still stings.

Lesson #4 - Winning stuff is cool. I arrived in MN with very little clothing. Mainly because most of my luggage weight was allotted to bike gear. It's been a little chilly here. And today in the points race I won a sweatshirt. YES!

Lesson #5 - Keep your ears open. There is some funny stuff happening on the infield. Bike racers are a fun lot of people - and today's quote of the weekend goes hands down to Kevin: "Contrary to popular belief, BALLS are not cushions!"

Okay - bedtime. Jesus Fest finally called it a night and I'm exhausted.

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