Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yesterday's Monday Madness

Ryan and I headed out on an early evening ride yesterday - an easy jaunt down to Seward park and back. We came across several people who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed. First it was this guy driving an I-Rock in our neighborhood who thought he had the right of way taking a left and yelled, "what'd you say punk?" Big man, let me tell you! We laughed and continued on.

Then we passed this commuter who I had told "on your left." Well apparently he didn't hear me and yelled, "DID YOU SAY SOMETHING?????" Yes, dildo I said on your left and you just got passed by a GIRL! Too bad I wasn't on my pink bike.

Then we were cruising through arb - where I always have some kind of interaction with beast, car or rider. But nothing happened. That is until we pulled up to the light at the U and two Broadmark riders were chased down by an angry bike commuter who yelled at them for passing him in the arb. Agh - what was up with people yesterday? Seriously - it's not like summer suddenly gives these people the right to take it out on cyclists. Does my jersey scream "lay your emotional baggage on me?"

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