Friday, July 14, 2006

Day Poo - I mean two....

Woke up as usual in the middle of the night with a hungry stomach. Luckily I didn't lay there as long as usual before heading to the kitchen to eat some left over pizza. I fell back asleep pretty easily and next thing I knew it was time to get up and start putting some breakfast down for today's crit.

During the warmup my legs were feeling a little heavy and I felt slightly hungry - psyching myself out a little bit. The race started and I had a hard time moving up in the field. The course had a slight hill on it and the field started falling apart right away. I managed to get stuck behind a couple of slow riders and next thing I knew I had no gas left in my legs to make the bridge. Two ladies caught up to me and we worked together for awile until we were lapped. I jumped on the back of the group and tried desparately to hang on and move up in the group - only to be shot out the back with 24 laps left to go. I figured I might as well call an ace an ace and pulled myself because I wasn't only destroying my legs, but also killing my confidence. I pulled over frustrated and disappointed. A quick call to Bubba and he cheered my spirits - as he always does.

Jana and Mary did really well. Jana pulled 18th and Mary was 24th. They both fought hard to stay where they could and Jana even pulled a prime. So what happened to old Juicey Poo? Is the fatigue of racing and traveling starting to take its toll? Time to dust myself off and pick myself up and go out tomorrow and do it again!

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