Tuesday, July 04, 2006

IDGP Session 2

We woke up early this morning to beautiful blue skies - a far cry from last night's drizzle. I put some food in the gullet and off we were to the track for the morning session of Kierin and Scratch race. In my first heat I pulled my rear wheel off track and they had to restart. I didn't make the final - but had another chance to redeem myself a few minutes later. I asked someone to hold me at the start - I drew position #1. Unfortunately my bike holder didn't throw me at all - he just released holding me. And I wasn't able to get on the bike soon enough - nor was anyone jumping at the chance to grab the bike wheel so they relegated me and I got 9th. :( I was a little bummed - but rather than dweeling on a rookie mistake, I thought, hey this might give me more juice for the scratch race! Mom was there too to pick me up, dust me off and say go again!

And go again I did. The scratch race was awesome. A couple of roadies were throwing attacks left and right - increasing the pace quite a bit. As soon as the pack would all catch they would swing up track, and so would I. I ran a smaller gear - 88" and was able to jump sooner and get a gap off the field. I could sense the attacks coming and was well enough up track to make my jump identical to the roadies. Becky ended up pulling with 2 laps to go - I sensed a time when I could have jumped on her because I could tell she was taxed... but alas I didn't. Cari and Cheerwine both tried to come around us but my spin was unstoppable. Becky won, I was second and Cari 3rd. I'm so excited my mom was there to see it! Tonight I get to show off my podium hair! Yeah!

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