Monday, July 03, 2006

Rained out. :(

5 minutes before the start of the second session of the day, a hard drizzle saturated the track. Unfortunately it didn't stop - and they announced racing will commence tomorrow at 9am. Which means I have a stinkin' long day ahead of me! Yowsa! But these kind of hickups are becomming the norm I think - last week with the broken seat post, this week with the quadruple events back to back... life as a bike racer!

We had a great dinner with Anna-Brit, her coach Konan and Heather. Anna-Brit is a hoot and definitely an inspiration. They made fun of my chicken legs today! We had a good chuckle out of that - my mom has been making comments all weekend saying I'm the skinnest track racer out here.... and now it's been confirmed! Bak bak bak gggggbak!!!!

PS - I really hope my seat post fails so I can show them all just how well I can low ride. :)

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