Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Springs

Mom and I drove down this morning after watching a gripping tour and went straight to the track. It's super nice - outdoors and concrete and the dust in the air lands on the track making it even faster. The transitions are really smooth and after a brief 40 lap warm up I did some efforts. The first one made me feel like my lungs were going to pump out of my chest. The air is thin here - elevation 6010 feet. Yowsa - that first one hurt. After resting for a while, basically to make sure I wasn't going to ralph on the big phone, I headed back out. By this point the national team members and Spike were out doing an afternoon workout. I got buzzed a couple times by Becky - she was letting me know she knew I was on the track. I laughed, to myself. No one seemed extremely friendly but coming from Washington where everyone makes you feel at home - it's definitely a little different. Oh well. Tomorrow morning starts the spring qualifier. 8 women advance - hopefully my legs will do me well. More then!

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