Monday, July 03, 2006

Experimenting? Or is it called development?

This track is fast. I posted my fastest time yet - with a 12.69, over a second faster than before. Not bad - but not even close to the other ladies. Jennie Reed grunted harder resulting in a smoking time of 11.6. So maybe if I grunt more I can come within fractions of a second of her? Who knows. One thing I do think is that I'm better off spinning a gear vs. using a big grinder. My legs are just more adapted to spinning faster, resulting in me getting up to speed quicker as well as maintaining it. Dang. But it was a learning experience and for only doing a handful of 200 m tt's... not bad.

Tonight we have Kierin heats and final and then a 5 mile scratch race. Hopefully more women will show up for the mass start events. We only had 7 women this morning.

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