Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Morning After

Fired up from the night before, I had a really hard time catching some zzzz's Saturday night. The following morning we had a super early crit - and because the local promotors put it on - it was important to Tamarack to support the race. We rolled in at 8:40 - the race started 5 minutes later - only to be delayed while they towed several cars that were parked on the street. With 7 teammates and only 24 racers total - we were able to work on leadouts, team tactics, attacks and solo ventures. I paired up with little Brooke (not to be confused with the other Brooke who leads the team - they call her Mama Brooke). We were designated to go for the second prime together. I kept near the front for most of the race - just waiting for my chance. But unfortunately when the prime bell rang Brooke was near the back of the group and we weren't able to execute out plan. No worries though because Tamarack flooded the field and was able to win it.

At one point M. Brooke asked if I felt ok and told me to attack HARD off the front of the group. I nailed it - no one responded and soloed for 3-4 laps. Ok - note to self: don't hit it so hard you can't recover but learn how hard you need to nail, be able to recover and pursuit it in for the win. Timing is everything. But I gave my first really hard attack a go - and it felt good - real good to do that.

I was taxed for the finishing sprint - and when the leadout train started was unable to pull it together. I still managed 7th - but was pooped from my solo attack. Fitness will only cure that! All in all a great weekend. It definitely built my confidence and I'm really looking forward to staying home this weekend! I've been gone every weekend since the tail end of June!

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