Monday, July 24, 2006

The Twilight

As predicted, Lipton had attacked about three times before they had Kristin attack and sail off the front for a time trial effort for the win. Lipton did a really good job of slowing the pace through the corners and unfortunately we didn't organize a paceline soon enough to reel her back in. The rest ensued in a series of counter attacks and fast paced action around and around downtown Boise. I was feeling good - really good - in comparison to last weekend. Resting and nursing the cold was exactly what the doctor ordered for a good performance.

Since Kristin was off the front she was unfortunately given prime after prime making the rest of us fight tooth and nail for $25 here and there. And since I was feeling so good I decided to go for it and nailed a prime. It was close though and I had to give it some serious gas - I actually think I got to open my sprint up full throttle and see how it compared to the full time pro cyclists. All I can say is that things are coming along and the planets are aligning again. :)

To get over the hurrdle of moving in the pack I mentally rehersed the situation over and over for several hours prior to the event. Constant positive affirmations were key to gaining confidence... and it showed! As a group we rode really strong together and Brooke was able to pull 3rd in the field sprint, Jen 5th, I was 13th, Carrie 15th, Mary and Jana and little Brooke following (sorry, I can't remeber where you ladies placed!). We were all stoked about how hard we worked as a team and with a little practice we should be able to put the odds more in our favor.

I was barely able to sleep that night - replaying the whole crit in my head looking for ways I could improve and reliving my glory-hardest-$25-prime-EVER... seeing us form a paceline that would have caught Kristin.... The sheep counting trick took awhile to work.. plus the fact we had the Morning After Crit at 8:45am in less than 7 hours....

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