Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Race day no. One

I am shivering as we speak from getting a twenty pound bag of ice and plunging in for fifteen minutes. BURRR!
But if it gives me some additional recovery the it's worth every agonizing shivering moment of it. Maybe next time I'll pick up two bags.

Oh this sport!

Now to the racing... It was a long day. We started with a flying lap and i placed 3rd with a 15.71, which in many ways has saved my butt in the overall. Next up this morning was a points race an 8 x 10 which was brutal. I placed 7th and that landed me into fourth. The second session had an elimination race and I just couldn't get in good position. Again i placed 7th. Then we had a 3k pursuit and try as i did for a 3:50 schedule, i just couldn't make it. But i tried my hardest and for not doing any any pursuit work - I'll take it! By the skin of my teeth I'm still sitting fourth with two events left. The scratch race first in the morning and then the 500m.

Wish me luck tomorrow morning! The work will be done in the early morning.

Peace out!

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