Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Omens

I had an easy rest day today before the shenanigans begins tomorrow. The morning had a recovery ride in it and then a trip to the track to drop Tela off for her workout. I then headed to Casa de Tripez (Ryan's Dad and step mom's house in Torrance) to do a rental car switch-a-roo. They were so kind to lend me their Passat Wagon this week while I'm in town and scolded me for even renting a car at all! They are so good to me.

Upon returning to the track to pick Tela up, I picked up my registration packet for tomorrow and low and behold - my bib number for the week? Number one. Oh yeah! Pretty stoked about that one. Good omen? You bet.

I found Jennie on the infield who also arranged a massage with her go to guy Doug - and got a fantastic pre race rub. His magic fingers did wonders and I've been floating on a cloud ever since. I'm feeling good and ready for tomorrow's battle!

And you can be certain - that bib number will be framed. :) I'm number one! I'm number one!

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