Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mummer musings

Last night at morton's steakhouse in Portland, a long table filled with family and a few friends sat around and each shared a highlight of their relationship with myo grandmother. Dinner took four hours as no one wanted the evening to end. My niece and nephew were passed out on their parent's laps as the adults continued telling story after story of the amazing memories they had with both of my grandparents. I am really glad I stuck around for this unforgetable and memorable time.

Some of those memories include:
She always had lipstick on her hamburger...
Truly a lady with long fingernails that are jewels, not tools.
Always laughing and had a great time where ever she went.
Kept up amazing correspondence with over 40 letters a month sent out for birthdays, holidays, etc.
Always dressed to the nine's.
Had a thing about fingernails apparently. She told me when I was little that if I didn't stop biting my nails I wouldn't have any friends. Turns out she canceled my aunts first party when she didn't stop biting hers.

Those are just a few....

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jaimie said...

You forgot Auntie Jen, from Coleman, age 6. "The thing I remember most about Mummer, was she had the coolest pool. We always got to go to the pool in the middle of the summer. That's about all I can say about Mummer."