Friday, September 24, 2010

And we're off!

Day one of my mini-adventure...

It took me a little over three hours to pack last night for the next 10 days. In one bag were all of my skin suits, cycling paraphenila etc. In another was a bag full of things for the short but sweet trip down to Portland for my grandmother's memorial service. In a third bag I packed other clothing and grabbed four photo albums worth of memories to share with the family. And I can't forget the syran wrapped track bike in a cardboard box. At this point if I forgot anything I can certainly live without it.

I put in another solid two hour ride this morning from Tacoma to gig harbor and definitely felt yesterday's roller workout. The leaves are slowly changing to brilliant shades of red and yellows and I nearly have to pinch myself while cruising down a super smooth country road paralleling the Puget sound. I don't mind the little sputter of rain as I spin through what many would consider a rain forest. The pacific nw is an amazing place.

Now I wait on my little sister to pick me up and we head south to meet up with family we haven't seen in quite some time. It's too bad the only time we can find time these days to get together are only at life's major events. But at least we recongnize those and I'm looking forward to it and meet some of the newest family members for the first time.

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