Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ouchie my legs hurt

I have now joined the high tech world. I still might answer my calls on a p.o.s. Razer phone that is held together with clear tape but I now surf the web on an iPad damn it. And How cool is it that i'm sitting in whole foods right now between track sessions surfing on their free wifi? Super cool. But seriously the only reason i bring it up is because it's a temporary distraction from the pain and suffering going on at the velodrome less then a mile away. Today I have double duty out there and in my short break, I just gobbled down a turkey sandwich and am now trying to divert my attention from the pain in my throbbing legs. Yowsa.

Headed back to the pain cave in a short few. This time behind a motor for some simulated points race efforts. Good times, good times.

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