Sunday, September 12, 2010


Friday night was our last race night of the 2010 season for the Marymoor Velodrome Association. Many people are excited to hang up their bikes for the season and take a well-deserved break. Some racing die hards will eagerly jump into cyclocross season using the velodrome as a practice ground, especially for the upcoming Starcrossed race. The next couple of weeks the track will have mud caked on it and the Canadian geese will flock to the infield, leaving a wake of goose poop all over the sprinters lane.

This is when training gets tough.

The days are shorter, the nights and mornings much cooler and the predictability of weather impossible to forecast. And this year, there are only three of us heading down to represent Broadmark and vie for a National title, or two.

Thankfully the weather looks good for the week and those double day track workouts should happen without a hitch. It's the last final push before heading down to LA on the 22nd of September to put some time in on the boards down in LA.

I can count down on my hands the track workouts left for the 2010 season. Every year when the leaves start to change colors and the days are noticeably shorter, I get a bittersweet feeling. I love the feeling of the banking, the wind on my face and the strong headwind the swirls around at the track but will not miss the 520 bridge traffic.

I feel prepared. More prepared then ever before. The attention to detail this year has been taken to a new level and I am excited to demonstrate my ability.

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