Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green blobs...

Here's an attempt to make light of the raining situation outside:

Last night marked the first Wednesday night cross practice out at the track, which means the track is now covered in grass and dirt from the entry and exit points of the track. Since it continued raining throughout the night and this morning - that means less clean up for us when it actually dries out!

I get to experience the pain cave on an indoor trainer. And not just any trainer - Jennie's BT wind tunnel beat down machine. Oh the joy!

I won't have to get my hands greasy today with changing gears (though I really don't mind that at all....)

No commute across 520!

I get to hope that it dries out for the afternoon prescribed motor pace session....

Can somebody please put up the billion dollars it will take to build an indoor world class training facility - please?

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