Thursday, October 02, 2008


Monday seems like just yesterday even though it's Thursday today. Wild.

Had a good day yesterday with Guy. We headed up to Bellingham early in the morning from Seattle so he could meet with some contractors for his new castle. As they were chatting I headed to Broadway park with Makiah and Buckley in tow to play fetch for a couple hours. We then headed downtown to 5th Ave Bread, ate some delicious sandwiches and visited with Trish. Makiah stayed with her while Guy and I then headed North across the border to Burnaby for some track training. It felt really good to get my heart pounding and be on a track bike. During the drive I told Guy I wasn't sure if I had the same desire to race on a top level as I once did - at the time it sounded so exhausting. All it took were a few laps on the track to make me wonder where that thought came from - I love this sport!

But now the thought of doing hill repeats in the rain... well, you know how hard it is to transition from easy summer riding to rainy fall and winter rides. But the sooner I get my ass in gear, the sooner I can lounge!

Thanks to everyone who has reached out recently - I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement and trying to get me out of my thoughts. I do try to call or respond as much as I can - and if you haven't heard from me please know that you're in my thoughts as well.


Bri said...


You don't even know me, and I don't even know you, but you may remember me as the girl that tried to help you get us registered for the team pursuit last year at elite nats. Anyway, I am here, but not racing b/c I broke my hip racding this summr. That aside, I was wondering where you were because I couldn't wait to see how fabulous you were this year - after how great you were last year and after how I've seen how you've done even better this year (because I like to stalk results when I'm bored at work.) I've read your blog, and I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss, I truly am. But please, among it all, pleas remember that you are incredible. you inspire people you don't even know with your dedication, your friendliness, your spirit, and your inspiration, and please keep that up. Because of all that last October, you have a friend in someone you don't even know. So please keep those fantastic things about your life in mind when you're going through all of these trying times. If you ever want to train in Indy (or are on your way through to somewhere more exiting!!) please drop me a line.

Stay strong,

Bri Kovac

SickBoy said...

Jen - absolutely thrilled to hear that you're finding yourself again. Keep at it. Thoughts & Prayers -