Thursday, October 16, 2008

Food Baby

I feel like I'm 5 months pregnant despite the 3 hour climbing ride I went on today. Could it be all the pasta? The wine? The non-stop laughter and enjoyment? Yes, I think so.

Oh Italia. A special place in my heart burns for you!


davemann said...

Sounds Awesome. Best part of riding in Tuscany -- somehow the combination of olive oil, wine and pasta remain in perfect balance with a few hours of riding the rolling golden hills.

Keep eating, drinking, laughing and riding!

peter s. said...

That sounds like the right way to do things!

The wrong way:

Wake up too late for your CCX race. Get a coffee and a glazed doughnut on the way. No warm up, start from the back - feel sick the whole race. Don't eat until
4 hrs later when you are back home.

Keep enjoying! abundaza (sp?) -peter s.