Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuscan life is simple. It is an artisan dominate culture - rich in many traditions that show up in their amazing food flavors, art, the love for the land, the beautiful language and the way families spend time together. We witnessed multiple generational crafts - from cheese making to restoring a castle - that showed how passions can be transferred through from father and mother to son and daughter.

Being there this past week made me realize several things. First - I am very fortunate to be super close to my family. I get to work with my mom - something that in our culture doesn't happen too often. And I get to spend time together with immediate family on the holidays, birthdays, weekends, etc. Although the Tuscan's typically spend every Sunday together as a family, I feel pretty fortunate to be close enough to my family to see them quite often. They are the glue of my existence.

The way Tuscan's care for their land and surroundings is inspiring. Things are minimal. The roads are small, preventing enormous SUV's; the gas expensive, making cars more efficient; the land is finite and the people love their land, as evidenced in the lack of litter in the country side.

The most beautiful gift I received was realizing it's okay to be happy again. It's okay to laugh and smile, and joke with friends. Feeling genuinely happy and living in the moment is such a gift - and sometimes it can take a life altering experience to make you realize just how important this is.

Feeling the sun on my face, eating lovingly prepared food by my own hands and new friends, laughing at dinner, drinking wine and riding through the hilly region has helped heal my soul. The timing of that trip was perfect. Thank you mom.

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