Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Haps...

So I suppose I should have prefaced that last post a little bit more - if you went the extra mile and watched the entire thing then the least I could do is fill you in. So in February Pat, Christi, Guy, Lisa and I are headed for Mallorca, Spain for the entire month. We're all getting so excited - and Pat has found us mopeds to drive while we're there and a bunch of activities.

I wore my bright orange coat today. And it is bright! It puts those fall colors to shame. I think I'll get used to it the more I sport it - but it sure is bright!

Miller and I hoped on our motos yesterday and ventured to Renton to do our early voting since we'll both be gone to Maui next Tuesday. We waited over an hour to get absentee ballots - and were amazed while people watching at a cross section of King County's finest. Don't forget to vote this Tuesday!

On Monday, I went to a risotto cooking class with Christi in West Seattle and then we met up with Marcy, Erik, Pat and Candace for Fugiya & Miyagi at Chop Suey. They rocked the house and we boogied all night long...

The rain's haven't set in yet - making for excellent fall riding and getting out and enjoying the cooler temps. I'm so looking forward to getting out in the snow capped mountains soon!

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