Wednesday, February 08, 2006

VO2 Block

Yesterday was the first real day of VO2 max riding. After work I headed down to Seward to do my 6 intervals on the Boulevard - and it was gorgeous out. Perfect conditions for some hard riding. The first interval went by pretty fast and I felt good. The second went by fairly fast as well and I was putting out a decent amount of power for the entire 4 minute session. And then every interval after that fatigue started settling into the legs - the last two were a struggle. And when the going went tough - I started visualizing the last few kilometers of a race and driving the pace. I heard this great quote last night "pain is just a sign of weakness leaving your body." Well said. I'm still trying to figure out how to disect a powertap file so I can compare intervals to one another.

Actually I enjoy working hard - it makes me feel like I accomplished something. And then there's the endorphine rush that comes gushing in... I haven't felt that since last race season. Come to think of it - that's the addiction with road racing vs. track. You are more likely to have the endorphine-I-just-worked-my-ass-off-for-over-an-hour high road racing then track racing. Except when you have a 100 lap points race with lots of sprinting and little to no recovery. Either way - as an adreniline junky I'm getting my fix. :)

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