Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday ride

Sunday rides rule. Today especially - although I must admit I like to do morning rides to get them done and out of the way. But to avoid any mishaps with the impending ice I went out at 1pm. It was a cloudless day - a common thing for the past several days. We had a high pressure northeasterly move into the area bringing colder air (into the teens at night).... and to be honest I did some riding inside rather than risk injuring a cold achilles or hammy. They say the rain should be back tomorrow - my nose and buggs will be thankful!

Zana and I headed out the North end from mi casa and did Hollywood Hill x 3. I'm getting more confident with climbing the hills and have developed a rythm and concentrate on the hip flexer sensation while billy goating up the hill. It seems to be working so far! I think the reality is the VO2 efforts starting to show their importance on the longer rides. I look forward to expressing that in a race.

I must admit I think the training gets me more hyped up then the actual races. All of the anticipation and training - it's finally coming to a head in a few short weeks. Thank goodness. I'm anxious to see if the time I put in with Miller and training will pay off. How can it not though?

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